Leverage the eCredable Small Business Credit Score to underwrite Micro Loans.

Finding reliable information on small businesses with 5-19 employees is extremely difficult. For businesses with less than 5 employees it’s almost impossible. eCredable allows lenders and aggregators of commercial data to add how a small business pays rent and utilities to their data sets which drive scoring models. This can eliminate the sole dependency on the using the small business owner’s consumer credit score.

AMP stands for "All My Payments"

AMP Connect Image
AMP Connect Image

eCredable Small Business Credit Score.

The eCredable Small Business Credit Score allows lenders the ability to make consistent credit decisions for micro and small businesses. Typical underwriting processes prohibit most lenders from serving the low end of the market due to the high cost of underwriting. By leveraging consumer underwriting processes designed to leverage credit scores, lenders of all sizes can affordably underwrite these types of credit lines.

Build a Portfolio of Micro Loans

Small and micro businesses are your next source of profitable business customers. Now you can use the eCredable Small Business Credit Score for this purpose and approve more lines of credit without taking on additional risk.

Make More Consistent Underwriting Decisions

One of the biggest challenges facing lenders is demonstrating to regulators that a consistent approach to underwriting is used throughout the process. The eCredable Small Busines Credit Score can simplify this process and reduce the effort required to underwrite small lines of credit.

Scoring Model Based on Rent and Utility Payments

Our approach to gathering payment history provides more than just knowing a payment was made (which is all you see when you inspect the Small Business Owner’s checking account). We see the information required to build a trade line in a credit file, commonly known as “paid as agreed”.

eCredable can enhance current small business credit scores with rent and utility payment histories.

Lenders that service the Small Business market use a variety of scores to address their needs. In addition to providing a credit score that can be used for micro loans, eCredable is also making available the same trade lines used in our score to the various repositories that are used to build business credit scores. Please check with the provider of the business score you are using to find out when these trade lines will be available to impact your score of choice.