AMP Credit Score®

Designed to be a Proxy for a Traditional Credit Score.

AMP stands for “All My Payments®”. The AMP Credit Score® was designed to assess the value of ALL the payments a consumer makes every month – not just debt obligations like the payments typically reported to the National Credit Bureaus. This allows us to score the No File consumer, and create a broader history for the Thin File consumer. The AMP Credit Score is an “Expert Score”, built by experts with dozens of years of building credit models. When we have enough performance history using the scoring model, the score will become a “Predictive Score” any lender can use in their underwriting decisions.

This same technology allows eCredable to inform our “Closed Loop” partners when a consumer’s score is improving over time. Closed Loop Partners refer their customers to eCredable for scoring prior to underwriting, and prefer to maintain a relationship that does not expose them to any competing offers.