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eCredable's Leadership Team 


Steve Ely | Chief Executive Officer

I joined the team in January of 2011, and am helping to shape the direction of the company.  After leading the direct-to-consumer business at Equifax for 5 years, I understand the consumer credit industry from both sides of the table.   Consumers want access to credit at good rates - businesses want customers who are credit worthy.  I'm passionate about helping consumers who aren't part of the traditional credit system get the credit they deserve.  What better way than to help you use your monthly bill payments as a track record to prove what a great customer you can be!

Cutch Moore | President / Chief Operating Officer / Co-founder

I helped co-found eCredable in 2009 because I believe in helping people improve their financial lives - and that starts with access to affordable credit.  I've helped build seven companies from the ground up, and bring all the great experience to eCredable.  That's important, because when you share your personal information with in an online business, you want to make sure it's in good hands.  I work with our employees and partners to make sure your experience with eCredable is exceptional - that means our site is helpful, your enrollment is smooth, your information is safe, and that people are available to answer your questions.

Terron Lindholme | Chief Technology Officer / Co-founder

I founded eCredable along with Cutch, and I am the "go-to-guy" when it comes to technology and security.  I've helped build five companies that span the breadth of cool technology (like a clipboard app you may use in Microsoft Office), to very large scale database systems that meet the needs of the largest companies on the planet.  I've designed eCredable to be both a helpful site and a comfortable one - a safe and secure place that delivers a service that is easy to understand and use.  I hope you agree that it is - and I welcome your ideas for making it even better!

Susan Cataldo | Chief Compliance Officer

I joined eCredable in January 2011 as Chief Compliance Officer – that means I make sure our services and practices are in line with all the government regulations that are there for your benefit. I’m passionate about protecting consumer rights when it comes to personal information and its use in deciding creditworthiness. I’ve spent a couple of decades building my credit industry know-how, including building a national credit reporting agency and serving as President of the National Credit Reporting Association. You can count on me to make sure eCredable always meets the latest regulatory requirements for credit reporting.