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Frequently Asked Questions


How are credit account verifications performed?

eCredable has partnered with one of the premier credit reporting and verification companies in the country to conduct the investigation and verification of all bill payment account history.  eCredable’s verification provider is a member of the National Consumer Reporting Association (NCRA) and the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA).  Their verification staff is Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) certified, and all verifications meet or exceed the guidelines of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD and FHA.  Our verification partner is well known in the financial industry, and provides a variety of credit related products to banks, credit unions, mortgage lenders, finance companies, landlords, property managers, and dozens of other financial institutions who regularly check consumer credit. 

Verifications of member credit accounts are performed manually by contacting each creditor to obtain the terms, current status and the payment history of each account. All verifications are conducted and documented in accordance with eCredable’s strict Alternative Credit Verification Procedures, and in compliance with the NCRA published “Procedures for Manual Verification of Alternative Credit References”.

Accounts which are Linked to the Member’s eCredable Profile do not require manual verification. Since eCredable can electronically access the consumer’s account without any consumer intervention, this information is considered “verified” from the source and is not subject to any additional verification. The only exception is a lack of payment history available from the Biller web site. If the Biller web site includes less than 24 months of history, the Member can choose to pay eCredable to have the additional history manually verified and included in their eCredable Credit File.


How do I obtain access to the eCredable AMP Credit Report?

The eCredable member authorizes creditor access to the AMP Credit Report from within their eCredable online account.  Creditors receive from eCredable, via email, a temporary system generated login with instructions on how to view the original verified Report and Score online in eCredable’s secure website. This process allows creditors to view the original report, ensuring accuracy and authenticity. The Creditor will have access to the member’s AMP Credit Report for fifteen (15) from the day the member authorizes the Creditor or until the member de-authorizes the Creditor.

eCredable also has the ability to pass certain data through Application Programming Interfaces (API’s). This can eliminate the need for the consumer to use the manual sharing method, which is more efficient when eCredable is integrated with an online underwriting system.