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Frequently Asked Questions

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About eCredable
  • Who is eCredable?

  • How is eCredable different from other CRAs that maintain Alternative Credit databases?

  • Does eCredable provide Alternative Credit data to the national credit bureaus or other Alternative Credit CRAs?

  • Is eCredable a credit repair company?

  • Can I send my customer to eCredable for an AMP Credit Report® and AMP Credit Score®?

  • How can eCredable help me build and retain customers?

  • How does eCredable assist consumers?

AMP Credit Score & Report
  • What credit account information is contained in the eCredable AMP Credit Report?

  • What is the AMP Credit Score and what information does it include?

  • What information is not factored into the AMP Credit Score?

  • How are credit account verifications performed?

  • How do I obtain access to the eCredable AMP Credit Report?

  • What does the ECOA say about alternative credit information?

  • How can eCredable assist with ECOA Compliance?

  • How can eCredable assist with Risk Based Pricing Notice and Credit Score Disclosure compliance?