45 Million Consumers

are defined as "Credit Invisibles"

eCredable is a powerful tool to help you address this missed market opportunity. We engage directly with consumers to acquire payment history which is not readily available through traditional B2B solutions. The result - a new credit file and credit score that can be used to identity creditworthy consumers.


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We attract "Credit Invisibles" who are self-motivated to help themselves demonstrate their creditworthiness to potential creditors. Our AMP Credit Report and AMP Credit Score meet all FCRA regulatory requirements, providing confidence to your Legal, Compliance, and Fair Lending teams.


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Create a better turndown experience for your no file/thin file customers. Give them a second chance by directing them to eCredable, where they can earn the credit score you need to approve them - when they return to re-apply.

Our Customers

eCredable Access

eCredable eAccess is your Portal to your customer’s AMP Credit Report® and AMP Credit Score®. We’ve built a secure process that provides you with direct access to view and download the Member’s AMP Credit Report in a PDF format.

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